Family Connections

Parents are the first and most important teachers of the faith for their children. Allelu! engages the whole family in faith and equips parents to share the faith with their children in everyday family interactions, reinforcing and building upon what children have learned in the parish or school.

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Child/Family Activity Sheets

Allelu! is anchored with Child/Family Activity Sheets that are simply and easily connected to real life. For use in both the Allelu lessons in the parish or school and in the home, Activity Sheets provide engaging and understandable prayers, activities, and saint stories, as well as brief, teachable insights for the entire family. Designed like placemats for the dinner table, Allelu! Activity Sheets can be integrated into positive family rituals such as eating meals together. In fact, some of the most significant moments of Jesus’ ministry centered around meals with others. Meal-time Activity Sheets also reinforce the Eucharist – a very special meal and the center of Catholic worship.

Download an English sample of the Child/Family Activity Sheet from lesson 4
Download a Spanish sample of the Child/Family Activity Sheet from lesson 4

Catholic Parent Know-How: Bringing Allelu! Home

Catholic Parent Know-How: Bringing Allelu! Home connects faith with everyday living. It is the perfect introduction for parents on what to expect from Allelu! and how to stay involved as their child’s first and most important teacher of the Faith.

Download a sample of the Catholic Parent Know-How supplemental handout