Scope and Sequence

Allelu! Ages 3-4 (PreK-3) Level

The three- and four- year-old (PreK-3) level of Allelu! begins with God’s creation of the world, animals, and people, as well as an understanding of the self as part of a family. This level also introduces children to the Church and to the Mass and provides introductory lessons on the life of Jesus. Loving God and others is discussed in practical lessons about making friends, helping others, and saying “I’m sorry” when we have hurt others. A final unit on growth and new life coincides with the Easter season, and connects this to the children’s growth as well, preparing them for the transition into the four- and five- year-old (PreK-4) level. Download the Scope and Sequence for this level

Allelu! Ages 4-5 (PreK-4) Level

Because socialization is of critical importance in the year prior to Kindergarten, the lessons in the four- and five- year-old l(PreK-4) evel of Allelu! focus especially on the relational aspects of our faith. Children learn about how they relate to God, who is himself a communion of persons. We explore the concept of family, first as the community within our home, and then in the larger context of the parish family. The relationship between God and his people is also discussed through the stories of Jesus' early life and ministry. Attention is also given to how children are called to relate to others, including their peers and the larger community. Download the Scope and Sequence for this level


The Kindergarten level begins with the Holy Trinity. It explores Catholic identity through the lens of participation in the community of faith. Baptism is discussed as a welcome into the Christian community. The Mass is presented as our Church family's celebration of praise to God, and the seasons of the Church year are discussed. The life and teachings of Jesus Christ are celebrated through stories about his birth and early childhood, his teaching ministry, and his passion and Resurrection, all in age-appropriate ways. Jesus' continued presence with us is emphasized, with particular focus on his Real Presence in the Eucharist. There is also considerable focus at this level on kindness, forgiveness, and the beginnings of conscience formation. Download the Scope and Sequence for this level